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Document Assembly Software

Created in Texas for Texas Attorneys

TXdocs' document assembly software does so much more .  You now have a choice.  You can continue settling for the other software that is designed to be generic so that it can be sold anywhere in the world, or you can move up to TXdocs. Because TXdocs is designed to be used exclusively by Texas attorneys, we are able to tailor it to work the way we practice law in Texas.  If you don't think this is such a big deal now, you will once you see the innovations that are possible by focusing only on Texas.

More information - "focused on Texas" makes more possible

Assembling documents is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

  • Select the Client/Case
  • Select the form(s)
  • Answer the Questions
  • Edit/Print the documents

Select Client/Case

Select the case so that your answers will be reused when you assemble more documents for the same case


Select Forms

Select as many forms as you want to assemble right now.  


Answer the questions

TXdocs unique process dynamically builds screens.  As you answer questions, it is busy determining which questions need to be asked and which ones can be skipped or omitted..


Edit and print your document

Final editing and printing is done through Microsoft Word or WordPerfect.  PDF forms and completed in our proprietary pdf form-filler software.


404 Pat Booker Rd.
Universal City, TX  78148


Phone:  (210) 253-9506